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10 Tips On How To Get Free Traffic From YouTube

By Lauren @BubbleJobs

Here at Bubble, we love creating content in all different shapes and forms, and YouTube videos have been one of our favourite ways of getting our digital careers advice out to everyone.

Video is a great way of communicating information to your audience in a unique and interesting way, and the number of brands using YouTube as part of their marketing strategy is only getting bigger.

With that in mind, as I was following the “Year Ahead” Online Recruitment Conference on Twitter (I couldn’t attend myself *sob!*), I was looking forward to seeing what Rob Wescott from Career Player had to say about getting free website traffic by using YouTube.

There were some great tips on not only how to create great videos, but how to ensure you drive viewers to your website! So I thought I would share this advice with all of you lovely Bubble blog readers!

1) Consider Video Quality

Good quality videos can boost search rankings on YouTube, and are more likely to be viewed and shared than some shoddy iPhone shaky video with bad lighting. When thinking about creating videos, make sure they are valuable, informative, well-lit and easy to understand.

2) Include Keywords

Keywords are vital to include in the video description to boost rankings within YouTube and Google itself.  Check out similar videos with lots of views and what sort of keywords they use and use similar ones. Also include keywords in the video file name as that will assist in rankings.

3) Add A Link

Make sure that you include at least one link in your video description, because the main objective of creating video content is to increase web traffic, and what better way to do that than to give viewers direct links to your website?! Which leads me nicely on to…

4) Make Sure It’s A Hyperlink!

When you add a link to your video description, make sure you include http:// because without it, it’s not clickable. And let’s be honest, who can be bothered copying and pasting in this day and age?!

5) Pick Your Thumbnail Carefully

A great way to make your video more appealing is to use a customised thumbnail. Just using the default still from the video is boring and won’t entice users to click through, so when customising the thumbnail, make sure you include the brand logo, and an exciting tag-line.

6) Create Annotations

Annotations can encourage subscribers to click through without having to read the video description. They can be creative, interesting and link to other content, creating a virtual cycle of content.

7) Create Playlists

Playlists are useful to group a lot of similar videos together to encourage a viewer to stay on your channel. To ensure viewer retention, edit the start and end times of the videos so that users don’t have to watch the same intro clip before every video in the playlist!

8) Make Your Own Post-Roll

Adding a clip with snapshots of other content at the end of each video is useful as it can act as a “trailer” for other videos on the channel, encouraging viewers to carry on checking them out by teasing them with short clips.

9) Reply To All Comments

Now, once all of your videos are up and running, you’ll (hopefully) be receiving likes, comments etc on your channel. But while it’s great receiving nice feedback from your videos and replying with a genuine “thank you” note, don’t think that you can just ignore the negative comments! Also, never ever delete a comment just because it’s negative!

10) Interact With Your Audience

Similar to my last point, make sure you are always interacting with your audience, even when you have no new content to share. Struggling to come up with new video ideas for your channel? Ask your followers what they would like to see, as they’re the ones who will be watching it!

So there you go, ten great tips from yesterday’s Online Recruitment Conference.

Do you think these tips are useful, or do you have some handy YouTube hints of your own?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs!

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