Before Social Media What Did We Do?

Still wondering what on earth you did before spending hours watching fail compilations on YouTube? Or how you would show all your friends that you had an amazing night out without posting it on Snapchat? People all over the world have begun reminiscing on what they did #BeforeYouTube, as the hashtag takes the trending top […]

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Joint Facebook Accounts: Cute Or Cringe?

By Lauren @BubbleJobs Recall your big defining moments in your relationship. Is it meeting the parents, being given a key to someone’s apartment, moving in together or getting hitched? Or is it the Facebook relationship status change, popping up on his/her profile pic, or the dreaded joint social media account? The latter is the focus […]

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Facebook ‘On This Day’: An Unwelcome Trip Down Memory Lane?

By Lauren @BubbleJobs Memories. Those little things you keep in your mind or cupboard reminding you of great experiences and people in your life at any given time. The great thing about memories is that you can pick and choose them. Forget that awful summer you spent slaving away in a sweaty café while your […]

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Facebook: Still An Effective Marketing Tool?

By Lauren @BubbleJobs So you’ve set up your Facebook page for your brand, added loads of info, pictures, linked it to your site and sent out a newsletter which garnered you quite a few fans. You posted some content and thought you had created a really great page for your customers. But, nothing happened. No […]

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New Facebook News Feed: A Friend or Foe…?

By Anna @BubbleJobs Less than two months since the decidedly unremarkable launch of the Facebook ‘GraphSearch’ tool, the Palo Alto geeks at Zuck’s HQ couldn’t help but try to win us us over again. That’s right folks, today marks the second high profile product launch this year at Menlo Park as CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds […]

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Facebook GraphSearch – Say Whaaaattt?

By Anna @BubbleJobs Whilst you’ve been busy desperately trying to trot out horse-meat related puns (*drumroll please*), the nerdlings in Palo Alto at Facebook HQ have been busy launching their latest revolutionary techy tool… which has now rather imaginatively been named Facebook ‘GraphSearch’. After great deliberation with SEO Amy, we were both left in a […]

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The Future of Facebook?

By Anna @BubbleJobs With the share price falling AGAIN this week the future of Facebook looks increasingly uncertain. Add to this fear that a suspected bug in the site had led to millions of private messages being publicised openly across timelines and it’s no wonder investors have started to worry. However, things might not be […]

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