The How-To Of Hashtagging

By Anna @BubbleJobs

My inspiration for today’s post comes from a pub trip believe it or not…! As I sat in my local, enjoying a nostalgic trip down memory lane with some old friends earlier this week, we somehow got onto the subject of hashtags when all of sudden it came to my attention that my companions were a bit confused as to how to use them correctly. I should probably point out that I don’t make it my usual business to discuss social media ALL the time when I’m away from Bubble’s rural HQ but heyho I love my job….what of it? 😉

As an avid tweeter @BubbleJobs, I know first-hand how crucial hashtagging can be in finding Social Media success. It’s important to get it right so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of the things that I’ve learnt on the job.

1. When it comes to social media marketing, if there’s one thing I cannot abide, it’s #that #awkward #moment #when #you #see #a #tweet #like #this.  It’s hashtag ridiculous. It has minimal impact on your social interaction – in fact in some cases it deters pedantic individuals such as myself from following you because it looks downright ugly. The tweets that generate the best response in terms of retweets, mentions and potential click-throughs, only contain one of two hashtags themed around the topic of the tweet… #Just #Saying.

2. Something else I noticed this week was in the value of a unique hashtag for an organisation. Yesterday @NOWTVSport promoted the use of #Tweet4YourTicket encouraging the UK Twitterverse to spread the hashtag claiming that once it had been shared 5,000 times, Twitterers would be able to access a free Sky Sports Day Pass for Manchester Derby Day next Monday! Last time I checked, the site had 38 tweets to go so get on your social channels red devils – you all know how much you enjoy seeing the blues lose 😉 Anyway back to my original point, aside from the occasional Directioner & Belieber that naturally promoted the post for the wrong reasons, the uniqueness of the hashtag garnered great attention to the @NOWTVSport Twitter handle and they were able to successfully create a real buzz around their brand through the exclusive tag.

3. Another top tip to hashtagging is through the use of the Twitter Search function in actively seeking out what others are saying within your sector. You can then join in with the online conversation, adopting the same hashtags. As explained by example, I might decide to search for what’s being said relating to #DigitalJob. Initially I might just find a load of our competitors shouting out about various roles they have on their (secondary) sites but I also might stumble across a potential business lead. Perhaps I might find a digital agency that isn’t aware of Bubble and our ability to fulfil its recruitment advertising needs. That’s when I chirp in with my 140 characters introducing them to my beloved organisation and driving conversations with targeted consumers, that’s really what it’s all about in effective social media marketing.

4. Use Capitals in your Hashtags. I won’t labour this point, it’s obvious really. It’s #EasierToRead when you drop in a few big letters.

5. Oh and #KeepItShort. #Thosehashtagsthatgoonforeverarekindofannoying How long did it take you to work out what that hashtag even said…?

So before I finish my twitterings, I’d love for you to get involved with today’s post by leaving a comment below or tweeting me @BubbleJobs on what hashtags work for you in your social media campaigns. Which ones don’t? Is there anything you think I’ve missed on keeping a Twitter feed hashtag happy?

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  1. So many good points, Anna. You hit on some of the most annoying aspects of hashtags while explaining how to do it right!

    1. Hi Tulin, I’d definitely advise including links when you’ve got good content to share, making sure that the hashtags you use are relevant to the topic matter 🙂

  2. Thanks for the helpful post. I’m still learning how to be effective with twitter, and I will certainly improve with your tips! #waytoomuchnewinfooutthereforthisoldfartsbraintointake

  3. I am wondering about a reliable way to discover hashtags that are related to my field? I’m guessing you’ve written about that before. How do you know how “active” a hashtag is without specifically searching it out? Is there a site that tracks the activity of hashtags? I’m sure this is basic, but I’m not clear on this and I’d like to start using hashtags more.

  4. Great practical advice that people can actually use! I am a social media consultant and I will definitely bookmark and share this with my clients. Great post!

  5. I’ve found this part of Nº3 tip to be the most important: “actively seeking out what others are saying within your sector.” Continuously confirm you’re in the right sector; follow with diligence and contribute value.

  6. Ah, nothing like a few beers in order to come up with some great idea. A good ale is always an excellent source of inspiration 🙂

    Some Great tips and I prefer to only see one hashtag in a tweet.

  7. Like everything in the Social Media world – what starts out as a solid idea and something of value gets distorted and misused by those who are ignorant of its true value. Simply saying, if you are going to improve on something, improve on it, don’t abuse it. While the suggestions you made aren’t rocket science and are excellent protocol, it is always helpful to reiterate for those out there that in the “abusing” category to hopefully bring them back to the “proper use” category. Thanks for spelling it out simply and professionally…

  8. I need the cliff notes version. Still in the dark. ( ; One day the light will come on for me I’m sure. I won’t use a hashtag until then I promise!

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