Social Netiquette: Keep Your Private Life…Private!

By Anna @BubbleJobs

As I brewed the extra strong Monday Coffee Vat at 9AM in Bubble HQ this morning, I played with the radio dial making that crucial decision as to what would be keeping the Bubble team entertained for the day. I went with the reliable BBC Radio One service in the end and it wasn’t long before its national headlines provided me with inspiration for today’s blog.
The news told that collectively, UK recruiters are warning youngsters they are risking their career prospects with the type of content being posted across their social profiles.
So I thought I’d take todays scribbling’s to stress the importance of Social Netiquette and advise on what’s good practice.

If there’s one thing I want you to take from today’s musings, it’s to KEEP YOUR PRIVATE LIFE…PRIVATE. As tempting as it is to post a status requesting sympathy and/or remedies for that banging Hangover Headache…don’t. Just drink lots of water and suffer in silence, offline – it’s probably best for your head not to be staring at a computer monitor anyway 😉
Another point worth mentioning is what I’d consider a growing need to regularly monitor your profile settings. With more and more intrusive Facebook apps wanting to access your data, just keep an eye on how much of your personal info is open to the World Wide Web.
Furthermore, some social networks will make changes that affect you, but you might not necessarily be aware of those changes straightaway. Just take a bit of time to read through your settings and ensure that you’re not sharing any information you don’t mean to.

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What many people don’t seem to realise, is that when you post something even vaguely negative about your workplace, your boss is well within his or her legal rights to let you go. Even a comment as menial as “I had a bad day at work” can get you the sack since it may be seen to make the firm concerned look like a bad place to work. The legalities involved in what type of social media could “bring a company into disrepute” remains a grey area and different employers will have different ideas but I’d say it’s best to err on the side of caution, particularly when your livelihood could be at stake…

BBC Radio One, have been particularly vocal on today’s subject matter warning youngsters to ask themselves ““would my mum or gran approve of what I am posting?” If the answer is no, then the Newsbeat team are suggesting you don’t risk it. I myself happen to agree and in true Blue Peter style, here’ s one I made earlier….IF IN DOUBT LEAVE IT OUT….

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