Instacurity: Why Brands Can’t Fall Victim To Chasing Likes

By Lauren @BubbleJobs

It’s all too familiar, that feeling when you think you’ve posted the wittiest status ever, or chosen the perfect filter for your Instagram photo, only to see it disappear into the internet vortex like-less and empty.

Helpfully, two self-confessed social media addicts Samia Khan and Justin Gordon have coined the term “instacurity” – an excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence, and/or likeability. Sounds like you? Then read on!

The duo have reached out to those suffering via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and have created a mock Public Service Announcement featuring some of YouTube’s biggest stars admitting to the condition.


While this is certainly a tongue-in-cheek campaign, there is an element of seriousness in it which highlights the world’s obsession with their online image and social media as a whole.

This can also be translated to social media marketing for brands, as social media managers chase likes in a vain attempt to increase their online presence and relevance. But instacurity could be destroying your marketing campaign!

Gone is the “social” aspect of social media, now it’s just a numbers game. But having 5,000 likes and 20,000 followers doesn’t mean anything if you don’t engage with your audience and are only worried about the eyeballs on your latest offer.


While it may be great that 400 people have seen your amazing post that everything on your site has 50% off, that doesn’t necessarily mean they care. Building relationships with fans is a much more effective way of getting your brand’s name out there.

Creating “influencers” and “brand ambassadors” will see a definite rise in engagement with your brand. Because, let’s be honest, if a brand tells you how amazing they are constantly, you’re likely to be suspicious, but if your friend keeps banging on about it you’re more likely to listen.

Another issue with chasing likes is that, even though a brand page might have lots of likes on Facebook, that doesn’t necessarily mean fans will see it.

It’s been made clear that, with Facebook’s changing algorithm (more about that here), it’s harder than ever for brand posts to be seen by their fans. Once a person likes a brand page, that’s probably the last time they’ll ever visit it. Annoying, right?! The only way that brand will get their content seen is on their timeline.

But those sneaky guys at Facebook want you to pay for advertising, so they’ve made it really difficult for your posts to get seen by your fans. Which is why you need to make sure your content is varied, heavy (videos, photos, links) and relevant to your audience. Likes are all well and good, but that’s just the first mountain you have to conquer!

In conclusion, follower and like numbers don’t mean anything these days when anyone and everyone can buy 10,000 of them with the click of a button. People want to see you talking to your customers, listening to their feedback and offering solutions.

I’m keen to hear what you think about this. Do you suffer from instacurity?! Got any tips to share with others to avoid falling into the trap of chasing likes?

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