D’oh! 5 Common LinkedIn Mistakes You Need To Avoid

By Amy @BubbleJobs

There’s no doubt about it; LinkedIn can be a great online platform for networking, promoting your online presence and finding out what rubbishy (or amazing) jobs your former uni mates ended up in… come on, don’t even try and pretend you haven’t had a look or at least been tempted!

Yep, LinkedIn is great for connecting with similar figures in your industry or even scoping out a new job (if you can’t find what you’re looking for on a niche jobs board like Bubble of course!) but if you are planning on using the platform to find a new job, you might want to tread carefully!

Yep, believe it or not, LinkedIn is full of potential traps that are just waiting to catch aspiring job seekers (like your good self) out… and most of them are lurking on your very own profile!

1. No photo: Now, we touched on the DOs and DON’Ts of LinkedIn photos a few weeks ago on this blog but what I didn’t say is that by failing to add a photo to your profile you’re seriously hampering your chances of bagging a new job. Why? Because studies have actually found that profiles that include photos are much more likely to get clicked on than those that feature the generic LinkedIn profile man.

profile 21

2. Standardised Job Title: OK, so this one won’t apply to most of us because 9 times out of 10 we can’t pick our own job title but if you’re a student, you really have no excuse to use “student” as your job title. OK, so it might technically be true but you need to be more detailed than that – remember, it’s all about making yourself stand out to employers. The solution? Use something like “Journalism Undergraduate at Leeds University – Final Year” instead. It tells employers exactly what you’re doing and where exactly you’re up to with your studies.

3. Generic Connection Requests: Now I’m guilty of doing this one myself but sending out generic requests to connect shows your potential connection you haven’t put much (what am I talking about, ANY) effort into your request. Taking a few minutes to create a personal request which details why you’d like to connect shows your potential connection you’re serious about connecting and, most importantly, shows them you’re not a robot sending out spammy requests to every Tom, Dick and Harry in your industry. 

4. Non-Customised URL: If you haven’t customised your profile’s URL already, it’s definitely about time you did. Whether it’s online or on your CV, no one wants to see a LinkedIn profile which has a gazillion numbers attached to the end of it – it looks spammy and it looks downright unprofessional. When choosing a custom URL, go for something professional that you won’t embarrass you or a potential employer when listed on your CV. PS. If you’re not sure how to edit your URL, check out the image below.


5. Lack of Summary: Last but not least it’s definitely worth making sure you’ve got your profile’s summary section filled in. This section is the place where you add some personality to your profile, not to mention keywords to help you get picked up in more searches, so don’t keep putting it off! Remember, you want a new job at the end of the day! Give up five minutes to fill out your summary now and you could end up making some connections that might prove invaluable in the future! 

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