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By Amy @BubbleJobs

I’d never go as far to say that LinkedIn was one of my favourite social networks but, given the industry I work in, it’s a pretty essential platform to be on and I find myself on there most days for one reason or another.

Now, there’s really not much that annoys me about LinkedIn (compared to Facebook anyway!) but there are some things; namely people posting spam into groups EVERY SINGLE DAY, people directly contacting me asking me for a job (note: I work for a jobs board –  I don’t have the power to give you any of the jobs we advertise!) and people trying to connect with me who I’ve never heard of… but all of them pale into insignificance when I think about Endorsements.

Now, I know I’ve blogged about my hatred of Endorsements before but the problem’s getting worse… and it’s driving me up the wall. Like I’ve said previously, Endorsements are great in theory but in reality, they’re just a waste of time; open to spam and worst of all, lies.

At first I felt flattered when connections started ‘endorsing’ me for the skills I’d listed on my profile… but then things changed. Suddenly people started to endorse me for things I’ve never even said I can do or mentioned anywhere on my profile. Seriously, I can’t be the only one that this is happening to, right?!

job candidate

Apart from really confusing anyone who looks at your profile, these fake Endorsements are now taking up more and more space on your LinkedIn profile – potentially pushing down other information which is A. much more credible and B. much more important.

Hmm, so why would someone endorse you for skills you don’t have? It’s simple – they’re just looking for some attention! Whether it’s to get you to remember them or to get you to endorse them in return, people are going Endorsement crazy – and connections you’ve not spoken to in years are now crawling out of the woodwork and throwing Endorsements around their connections list like confetti.

Now, it’s been bugging me a while – LinkedIn Endorsements remind me of something else but what is it? Todd Mintz came to the rescue this week and gave me the answer I’ve been searching for in his blog on Search Engine Watch – LinkedIn Endorsements are the new Facebook ‘Poke’. Of course, that’s EXACTLY what LinkedIn Endorsements are!

Think about it; the Facebook ‘poke’ serves no other function than to get someone’s attention. It’s a friend’s way of going “Hey, I’m here, don’t forget me!”. The main issues with the Facebook ‘poke’ function? It’s annoying, sometimes rude and downright intrusive… you wouldn’t poke someone in real life to get their attention, so why would you do it online? OK, it can be funny to ‘poke’ your friends – but what if you don’t know the person you’re ‘poking’ that well? Chances are, it’s not going to go down too well – and it’s the same story with LinkedIn Endorsements these days.

If I know you well and I’ve spoken to you more than once in the last six months – go for it endorse away – but if not, please STOP! I know who you are and I know how to contact you if I need to (we’re connections remember?!) so please stop trying to catch my eye by endorsing me for random things like knitting, media planning and horse racing! Thinking about it; if you really want to speak to me – what’s wrong with a simple email these days… or hey, why not go all out and send me a tweet?! 😛

Phew rant over! Does anyone else feel the same? Feel free to leave some ranting comments below – go on, you know it’ll make you feel better!

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  2. Dave Smith

    Nice post…Linkedin is a really essential platform to be involved with, but like you, I worry that endorsements from people I have not had much contact with will affect my credibility, however, I have to assume that people have arrived at their conclusions of how endorsable I am from reading my blog posts or have heard something about my services. Linkedin is constantly changing and certain features have been removed [ie. answers] because they have been used by spammers, so who knows, maybe this feature will disappear too! Recommendations on the other hand are much more credible!!

    1. bubble

      True! I’m really not sure how much weight endorsements hold with potential employers/recruiters at the min – would definitely be interested in finding out. Definitely agree that recommendations are much more credible 🙂

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