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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Anna Geary


5 Things You Should Never Say To A Social Media Manager

By Anna @BubbleJobs

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, there are many who continue to regard it as a pointless endeavour. As Amy told us earlier this week, even the new comms head at Ryanair remains unwilling to get *on board* and adopt a Social strategy… Well this got me thinking, he’s really not alone in his views. As your bubbly Social GURU (uh oh I just used the G word…haters gonna hate) – what I mean is, as an employee within the Social Media industry, I have had comments directed toward my chosen profession to the point that it’s becoming irksome.

So this post is for all the Social Media / Community Managers who feel my pain…share this when you get bored of explaining what you do!

What NOT to say to a Social Media Manager:

“What’s your real job?”
Boy do I hate this one! It’s plain rude actually. But if you get thrown this one, it’s your chance to show someone just how much you actually do. A day in the life of a Social Media Manager or a Community Manager is a very varied one. From curating and creating content, to following what’s being said about your brand across the twitterverse, whilst all the while addressing customer concerns, your job carries great responsibility and power – we are thee face of an organisation.

“I use Facebook, I could do your job” 
This one is the worst. Facebook is only one part of the job. What about Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Phinkit? Can the person use all of them too? And can they maintain a consistent brand voice across the platforms simultaneously? And having a personal facebook page is not the same as running a company one. You’ve got to know what content your followers need and want. There’s no point in using Facebook as a platform if you’re getting no interaction – that IS a waste of time and I have seen brands that just spam their fans with updates. “The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT” (Alfred Brendel) – that’s worth remembering. Not everyone knows this, savvy social PROFESSIONALS do though.


fail-whale“So you get paid to tweet all day”
Well to some extent this is true yes, along with all the other social strategies (as mentioned already) but what goes into your 140 characters is what defines your expertise and separates you from the pack. A social media manager will tweet in the brand voice and stick to his or her social plan. They only use content from reliable sources and ensure accuracy in facts, spelling and grammar. Thing is, one misjudged tweet can ruin a brand’s entire credibility. Think American Apparel. During Hurricane Sandy, they were promoting free online delivery and one buffoon started a tweet with “In case you’re bored during the storm”. Not everyone can do our job…

“Why would a business need Social Media?”
At Bubble HQ, we can’t understand why a business wouldn’t need social media. It’s free, the world is online, it allows you to grow your business reach and follow the needs of your customers and marketplace directly.

“What are you going to do when Social Media gets replaced?”
This one I don’t mind so much. It doesn’t make my blood boil like the ignorance of the other comments anyway… If this does come up in conversation, you can tell them that yes the sector may change and yes different social channels will evolve but that there will always be a need to engage with online communities. And this need will always pay highly…tell them that one too ;)

So I’ll finish my rants here for today but if you work in Social Media and have also had some such irritable comment, please get in touch below or tweet me @BubbleJobs – I’ll sympathise and help you craft a polite (if somewhat sarcastic) response… ;)

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About the Author

Anna Geary is the Social Media Manager for Bubble Jobs. As a natural chatterbox, Anna is responsible for all things social, engaging and growing the Bubble community everyday. You can follow her on Twitter here or add her to your circles on Google + here.

11 Responses to 5 Things You Should Never Say To A Social Media Manager

  1. Tracy says:

    Great article. I have also experienced some of these comments from other people. Your responses were good and I’m sure I’ll be using some myself :)

    Thanks again for the great read!

  2. Topher Knowles says:

    Not sure I agree that this career path will always pay highly, once a job that is seen as enjoyable becomes recognisable as a career there will be more people wanting to get into it… so salaries will reduce as more people are willing to work for cheap to get their foot in the door, particularly when it’s a field not requiring qualifications.

    • bubble says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Topher! You raise some valid points although I’m adamant that the sector will remain a lucrative one. As more and more platforms evolve, the constant need for engagement will continue otherwise businesses will get left behind. I agree with you in that roles will become more competitive but I don’t think this will affect the salary bracket because not everyone can do the job well. I don’t proclaim to be a ‘Guru’ but I do think it takes a certain type of sociable personality to find success in online marketing. I’m also unsure that the field will remain without qualifications. Social Media courses are big in the U.S. and are gradually starting to appear across parts of the UK too….

  3. Ben says:

    Remind me to never, never, NEVER josh around with you about your job. You seem like you’d take me throat out!

  4. John Kamal says:

    Great points. I hear some of these all the time.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Love this!!!! Some people just don’t understand..

  6. joel says:

    Well said. Thanks for writing it up.

  7. steph says:

    Great post! I hear those types of comments all the time. You just surf the web all day? That’s my favorite one.

  8. Bob Tschetter says:

    I liked reading your response to the Facebook “I can do your job” comment. I’d appreciate your thoughts on a present circumstance we have. I market hand-crafted jewelry thru web site, seo and social media. we started our social media with FB and Twitter thinking they’d have most reach. Since then I’ve come to understand a few things. Such as we should spend our social media time where our customers hang out and talk jewelry. For us, that place turns out to be Pinterest. In six weeks we have 4x the followers as likes achieved in FB over a six month period. My questions: What criteria do you use to evaluate the potential for growing fan base in social media and is it advisable to close the accounts that don’t perform for us or perhaps just remove them from our website? If you want we can email and I’ll give you our URL. Thank you.

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