5 Reasons You’re Not Picking Up Any New Twitter Followers

By Amy @BubbleJobs

You’ve got a Twitter profile, you’ve got a genius, catchy Twitter handle, you look like a contender for the next series of Britain’s Next Top Model in your profile photo and you’ve plugged your bio with lots of killer keywords… but something’s not right. Try as you might, you just can’t seem to pick up any new followers.

You just can’t work it out. You’re tweeting away but for some reason it’s just not working… and you’re starting to lose hope! If you’re really honest, you feel like giving up on the whole Twitter malarkey altogether… sound familiar? Stop right there! If you’re not picking up any new Twitter followers whatsoever, there’s a chance you could be committing some of the five major sins of Twitter.

Here are our top five reasons your Twitter profile is failing to pick up new followers.

tweet 21. Only Posting Your Own Content: OK, so you might be keen to share your own amazing blogs across Twitter but guess what? Not everyone cares about your content as much as you! When it comes to any kind of social media, it all comes down to balance and moderation. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your own content (I share these blogs every day on my own Twitter feed!) but try to make sure you share a good mix of other people’s content too. That way you’ll start to add real value to your existing followers – and you’ll attract new ones too!

2. Ignoring People/Broadcasting: When it comes to social media, it’s all about interaction and conversations – so if you’ve been ignoring people that have been tweeting you, it’s no wonder you’re losing followers and failing to pick up news ones. Similarly, if you’ve been busy broadcasting and not engaging in conversations, you’ve pretty much missed the point of social media altogether. Search for tweets related to your industry and get involved in the conversation. Remember, just like anything else in the digital industry, when it comes to Twitter – the more effort you put in, the more you get out!

3. #Hashtagging #Every #Word: As Anna mentioned in a previous blog, when it comes to hashtags, there’s a fine line between getting it right and wrong – and needless to say, hashtagging every single word is not the way to go. Why? Because it’s annoying – and it’s pretty pointless! Try to aim for no more than two hashtags in every tweet – and choose carefully! Getting in on a trending hashtag might seem like a good idea – but don’t forget to do you research… or you could end up in a whole load of trouble like these guys!

4. Using Automated Tools Too Much: Yes, using automated tools to share your content is a great idea but be sure to use them in moderation! What’s that? You only use automated tools to tweet anything? Well it’s no wonder you’re failing to pick up new followers! Using automated tools to share your content can make you sound robotic and pretty much eliminates the “social” aspect of social media… not good!

5. Sharing The Same Content Across Multiple Networks: Yawwwnnn! If you’ve been sharing the same piece of content across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr, you’ve been doing it wrong! Some pieces of content work better on some networks than other – so take the time to consider this before you post your content to every profile! Yes, it’s good to “cover all bases” but be careful not to overload the few followers you do have!


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