5 Key Skills To Help You Future-Proof Your Social Media Career

By Amy @BubbleJobs

There’s no denying, social media is big business these days, and as British Airways have been finding out this week, it’s much more than just a typical 9-5 job. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Pinterest, brands of all shapes and sizes need some kind of social media presence to interact with existing and potential customers and get their name out there – and, as a result, social media jobs for talented communicators are always up for grabs.

Now, it’s fair to say, here at Bubble we’re pretty passionate about social media jobs. From tips on how to become a social media influencer and advice on what to include on your social media CV to listing the possible reasons you’re not getting a social media job, we’re always dishing out advice on how to attract the attention of employers when it comes to social media opportunities – but today we thought we’d take a different approach.

You see, we know that some of you already have budding social media careers – and you’re pretty keen to develop them – so we thought it was about time we dished out some advice on how you can future-proof your social media career. Thanks to our exposure to social media jobs and opportunities, we think we’re better placed than anyone to spot the latest trends in social media and the top skills employers want their latest social media recruits to have.

career ladderHere then are the five key skills we think it’s definitely worth adding to your social media CV sooner rather than later 😉

1. Community Management: Here at Bubble, as we’ve mentioned previously, we think the future of social media definitely lies in community management and brand moderation and building as a whole, so any skills you can pick up in these areas are definitely going to help you out in the future. Our top tips? Try and gain experience in things like forum moderation, content curation and setting up and running webinars.

2. SEO: We’ve blogged about it before – and we’re sure we’ll discuss it again in the coming months – but the lines between SEO and Social (and Content!) are definitely becoming more blurred by the day – and our latest social media jobs definitely reflect that. Employers these days want candidates to have a wide range of skills and a broad knowledge of the digital marketing mix so learning the basics of SEO and keeping up to date with the latest SEO updates is definitely a good call, even if social media is your main specialism.

3. Blogging: Social media and content marketing now go hand in hand so it’s no wonder employers want their social media employers to have previous blogging or online writing experience. Can’t get that at your current company? You can always set up your own blog on WordPress or Blogger for free – or you could try guest blogging for other sites to raise your profile across the web.

4. New (& Old!) Networks: OK, so this is probably the most obvious point on the list – but it’s definitely worth getting to grips with the latest social networks – even if you don’t end up using them at your current company. Tumblr and Google+ are definitely top of the list. Similarly, we’ve also noticed things like Flickr popping up in some of our most recent social media job adverts – so it’s definitely worth making sure you’ve got hands-on experience with the oldies too!

5. Photo/Video Editing: Thanks to Google’s favouritism of YouTube content, more and more brands are investing in video content these days – and the trend only looks set to continue. If you can, we’d definitely suggest picking up some basic video editing skills (believe us, they’ll come in handy at some point) and learning the basics of programs like Photoshop can also be worthwhile when it comes to any digital career.

Are you an employer or current social media pro and think we’ve missed something out? Leave us a comment below.

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