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Published on May 10th, 2013 | by Amy Edwards


5 Tips To Help You Master A Second Job Interview

By Amy @BubbleJobs

You can’t believe your luck. You’ve applied for the job of your dreams. You kicked ass in your first job interview and now you’ve been invited back for a second job interview. If you’ve managed to secure a second interview, you must have it in the bag, right?!

Erm… not quite! OK, so second interviews are always a positive sign but they are by no means a guarantee when it comes to securing a job – just because you’re invited back, that doesn’t mean a job offer is definitely on the cards!

Second interviews give employers the opportunity to find out a bit more about you, work out how (and possibly where) you might fit into the company and what you as an individual can bring to the company that others can’t.

Now, like I said before, while you might be further down the recruitment path when you reach a second interview, you’re not necessarily any closer to the end goal of being offered the job. Yes, at this point you might be competing against less candidates but there’s still plenty of room for things to go wrong and countless opportunities for you to slip up so you can’t relax just yet!

second job interviewHere are our top five tips to help you master that crucial second job interview!

1. Be Prepared: OK, so you might have done a bit of research prior to your first interview but you’re going to really need to know your stuff for this second interview. Research not just the company you’re going to work for, but the individual parts of the business, particularly the department you’re going to be working for, what they’ve achieved in the past and what their plans are for the future. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be quizzed on your knowledge of the company at this point – but you can never be too careful! Plus, you’ll need to know it all anyway should they offer you the job.

2. Show The ‘Real’ You: Like I said before, the second interview gives employers the opportunity to learn more about you as an individual so it’s important to show off your personality. Remember, it’s still a formal interview but at this point it’s definitely a good idea to try and show a warmer side to your personality. Remember, they want to see the real ‘you’ so forget the act – let them see your sense of humour, what makes you tick and what your life is like outside of work.

3. Don’t Be Cocky: Second interviews are definitely a step in the right direction but they don’t mean you’ve definitely got the job. Remember, employers want confidence but they don’t want arrogance. Yes, you should feel confident that you’ve got this far but that doesn’t give you the right to be arrogant and rude. You should take your second interview as seriously as your first interview and give your interviewees and the situation the respect they deserve.

4. Set The Record Straight: How many times have you walked out of an interviewed and kicked yourself because you’ve said the wrong thing or forgot to ask something? This is your opportunity to set the record straight and clarify things from the first interview. After your first interview, jot down anything that you feel might have been misconstrued and address it at an appropriate time in your second interview.

5. Speak Up: At the end of the interview, you’ll be asked if you have any questions – and at this point it’s important to speak up. Remember, this interview is more personable so don’t be afraid to ask about the social side of the business and what it’s actually like to work there from an employee perspective. Similarly, if you’ve got any concerns or queries about the role, this is your moment! Second interviews are as much for the employer as they are for you – at the end of the day, both parties need to feel confident they’ve found the right candidate/company so don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and ask questions.

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