5 Alternative Digital Jobs For Maths Graduates

By Amy @BubbleJobs

OK, so you know that digital jobs are a great option – but the thing is, you’re still not exactly sure what’s available and what digital jobs you’d be most suited to with your degree, skills and experience. Sound familiar? Don’t panic! We’re about to set that straight!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering all the major degree-types and telling you exactly which digital careers you’d be suited to on this blog. Sound good? OK, we’ll get on with it then.

This week, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re going to kick things off with Maths degrees. Now, just to clarify, when we talk about ‘Maths’ degrees in this post, we’re not just talking about Maths – we’re talking about anything that’s related to it in terms of subject matter. Economics, Statistics, Maths with Business Studies – you name it, if you’ve got a degree that’s heavily number-orientated, the following information applies to you.

digital 2Wait a minute; Maths and digital – on first glance, they don’t exactly go together at all do they? Ah, well that’s where you’re wrong. You see, Maths degrees equip candidates with a great range of skills that are highly valued and in demand in the digital industry right now – so candidates with Maths degrees are pretty hot property at the moment.

Intrigued? Here are five of the best digital career options for Maths graduates right now.

1. Insights: Insights jobs are all to do with collecting and interpreting data and using it to influence future decisions. It’s a bit like gazing into a crystal ball to try and predict the future… but you’ve got shed-loads of data to help you! Consumer insights pros work with the key business decision-makers to try to find the best future strategy for the business based on historical data and info. Sound interesting? You can check out our latest selection of Insights jobs right here.

2. Web Analytics: Web Analytics pros are the brains behind interpreting the data behind a website. It’s up to them to work out the 5 Ws – who visitors are, why they were on the site, when they were on it, why they were on it and where they accessed it. Web analytics jobs are not just concerned with what a visitor does when they’re on your site but also what they do before they visit your site and what they do when they leave. They then use all this data to analyse previous strategies and influence future ones.

3. eCommerce: Now, as you’ll probably already know, eCommerce refers to the buying and selling of services and products online so as you can imagine, when we mention ‘eCommerce jobs‘ we’re not just talking about one role in particular. From analysing a business’ eCommerce strategy to managing key products with an eCommerce catalog and a brand’s multi-channel offering, it’s all part and parcel of eCommerce jobs – the best option for you depends on where your interests lie and where you skills are strongest.

4. PPC: Love messing about with budgets and managing spend? A role in PPC marketing could be the perfect option. Pay-Per-Click marketing refers to the process of placing adverts on another website (usually a search engine like Google) and paying the other site owner a set fee every time someone clicks on the ad. Just to clarify; PPC jobs might sound easy and simple on the face of it but they’re actually pretty complicated. From keyword research and management to advert writing and bid optimisation, you have to do it all in PPC careers so dedication and experience is key!

5. Data Analytics: Yes, OK, I know I’ve already touched on Web Analytics but Data Analytics is different so bear with me! While Web Analytics are purely concerned with online strategies, Data Analytics jobs relate to every kind of business strategy – both online and offline. It’s a Data Scientist’s job to get their head around all this data (commonly known as ‘Big Data’), spot patterns, identify strengths and weaknesses and then relay to this information to the key decision makers in a business. With Data Analytics it’s all about mining data to test a set hypothesis or studying it to test for patterns or trends. Complex stuff, huh?

So there you go; five alternative digital careers to consider if you’re a current Maths student or graduate. Just to clarify, these aren’t the only jobs you’d be suited to in digital (SEM and Project Management would also be great options) but they do make a good starting point!

Don’t forget; if you’re a graduate in another area, keep checking back because we will cover your subject at some point – or if you just can’t wait, take a look at our Digital Career Portal.

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