Want A Long-Lasting Digital Career? Why Technology Consultancy Might Be The Way To Go

By Amy @BubbleJobs

Here at Bubble, as you’d expect, we’re always being quizzed about the best digital jobs and the top digital career prospects for candidates these days. Now, just like anything else in the recruitment industry, it’s fair to say there’s no “one size fits all” answer – and it normally comes down to the individual candidate and the condition of the current digital jobs market.

That said, with the current state of the general economy and the fact that living costs (and not a lot else) seem to be rising on a near daily basis, it makes sense that those looking to enter (or in fact those already in) the digital sector want to ensure they’re choosing a niche which has lots of potential and they end up working for an employer that isn’t about to disappear anytime soon.

Now, as we said earlier, there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to this question, however we think a career in something like technology consultancy could be a pretty good option. Let us explain… when it comes to technology or digital consultancy careers, employers don’t just want candidates who’ll stick with them for 12 months or maybe a couple of years.

Companies like Accenture want candidates who’ll stick with them and essentially grow with their business and their clients. This means they’re willing to take candidates on at entry-level and then train them up and move them into more complex, management or technology consultancy roles. Unlike other employers in the digital sector, technology consultancy firms are willing to invest significant time and effort into their employees to ensure they end up with a long-lasting, rewarding career that benefits both parties.

ideasNow, with technology consultancy, the clue really is in the name. It’s about providing expert technology consultancy services to a range of clients across a range of sectors – this means that, just like digital agency work, the job can be extremely diverse, interesting and complex.

Think technology consultancy just relates to complicated technology hardware and software? Thanks to the digital sector, that’s definitely not the case these days. As you can see from some of the current digital consultancy jobs we’ve got on Bubble, vacancies are available in areas like Social Media, Mobile Applications, eCommerce Retail, Analytics and IT Security. And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to the digital revolution, companies across a range of industries now need expert advice on the best digital strategies for their business in terms of eCommerce, mobile, insights and data management – and that’s where technology consultancy firms come in.

Think you’ll struggle to bag another job in the digital sector if you stick with one employer for five or ten years? Sorry, but that’s definitely not the case! You see, when it comes to big names in the digital consultancy area, they demand enormous respect across a range of industries because of the work they do and the big ¬†names they work with – and as a result, any employee that works for them will also be treated with the same respect.

This means that whether you choose to move on after five, ten or even 15 years, you definitely won’t be penalised for failing to job hop your way across the industry. Why? Because you’ve worked for one of the biggest names in the digital industry for a prolongued period of time – and you’ll have also worked directly with major clients across a range of sectors and industries – two impressive additions to any CV.

Now, it goes without saying that a technology consultant role might not be the perfect option for every candidate – but if you’ve got drive, ambition, a strong degree and some project-based experience and you’re looking for a career that will stand the test of time, technology consultancy jobs could be the perfect option.

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