The Top 5 Social Media Predictions For 2016

As we said goodbye to 2015, once again our favourite social networks never let us down. In fact if anything 2015 made us more indulgent and reliant on social media and that’s just Snapchat making us puke rainbows. But one thing’s for sure if last year is anything to go by, 2016 will be the year we will have a love/hate relationship with some of our favourite guilty pleasures.

Adverts dominating

I mean nobody likes adverts, especially when you’re trying to scroll down Facebook and you click a sponsored post by mistake and before you know it you’ve been redirected to some eBay page, listing cheap phone chargers. But we do empathise with adverts; we understand your reason for popping up every 2 seconds as we are kind of getting all this content for free… But still! So prepare yourself as 2016 is going be dominated by advertisements. With Facebook particularly reducing the reach of user’s posts and increasing the visibility of ads it’s not going to be long before the likes of Twitter and Instagram do the same thing. The more visible ads get, the more brands will want to invest in marketing so prepare yourself!

Data Security

2015 soared with the number of cyber-attacks on huge companies across the world, with the likes of TalkTalk, Ashley Maddison and Carphone Warehouse all failing to prevent hackers getting into their systems. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but its more than likely only going to get worse this year. It’s no secret that there’s a huge lack of security with brands that we trust and it’s these brands that aren’t taking these hackers serious. With the rise of the infamous hacker group Anonymous it’s only natural that people are going to attempt to follow in their footsteps and show how easy it can be to hack into systems and release personal information without the right protection.


Live Video Streaming

Whilst writing this post I actually received a Facebook notification informing me that a magazine I follow is now live streaming a video of ‘Talking Through The Clothes Rails With….’ Expect to get many of these notifications this year and not just on Facebook. Everything and anything is moving to being somewhat in the past into the moment. What live video streaming does is build trust with its community and gather conversation, interaction and essentially bring instant reaction and traffic to your brand. Year after year we say video is the one to watch and each year we’re right! Just when you think something can’t get any bigger 2016 will go and prove it can (and we’re not talking about Justin Biebers career).

Instant Updates  

Social media is essentially associated with instant updates, especially the likes of Twitter and Snapchat. The ‘Top Trending’ feature on Twitter has made Twitter the success it is today and Snapchat’s ‘My and Live Stories’ plug in have given Snapchat the chance to go from sending videos to friends to users getting a first-hand insight of events across the world. Managed by Twitter, Periscope came onto the social media scene last year with an app showing you live videos through other people’s eyes. One video could be of someone in a hot air balloon in South Africa or another person driving down Sunset Boulevard live, linking back to how important live videos are going to be this year. Periscope isn’t the only app to be doing this with Meerkat becoming another leading competitor, people are liking the fact that it’s more personal and less scripted. Social media has more or less always been instant but these video functions are going to drive it even more this year, meaning you will be spending even more time on social media.

facebook feedback

No More Trafficking To Other Websites

For users this is a huge step with social media, but for brands maybe not so much. There’s nothing worse than wanting to read an article and then being diverted to another web page and it taking forever to load or you loose your place from where you last were, but things are all going to change. You might have already noticed Facebook testing ‘Instant Articles’ where instead of being trafficked to another web page you can read the article without being diverted. If this goes fully ahead then this could be a leap in how we read and find articles online. It’ll only be a matter of time until other competitors follow.

So there we have it, a mixture of good and not so good things to happen to social media this year! But keep your eyes peeled you never know when a life changing app is around the corner…

If you think there will be any other huge changes to social media in 2016 it would be great to hear from you by leaving a comment below or tweeting us at @BubbleJobs

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