Should Digital Employees Stay In The UK or Move Abroad?

As a digital professional in the UK it’s great to find out that you’re one of the ‘most valued’ employees in Europe. But it comes at a cost… quite literally! The General Industry Compensation report, released by Willis Towers Watson stated that the UK’s digital industry has one of the lowest average annual salaries in the whole of Europe!

So how is this good news I hear you ask? Understandably it’s certainly not great! With digital employees earning a lot lower in the UK, companies from around the world are fleeing to the UK to set up offices and branches, which of course means more jobs for us.

More importantly these overseas businesses have more money to offer higher salaries than the UK’s average and still remain huge competitors to the rest of the European market. So we get the best of both worlds right?

But if this has in fact persuaded you to think about your options like emigrating, the possibility to have a fresh start, and a new challenge, with a better wage than look no further. Whilst Ireland, Spain and Turkey are the only countries earning below the UK; here we’ll show you a comparison of how low the UK salaries really are compared to other European countries.

Digital Marketing:

  1. Switzerland – £82,000
  2. France – £56,000
  3. Germany – £50,000
  4. UK – £47,000

Yet if you’re in IT you have a bit better luck! Although the UK is still one of the lowest on average for digital employees, IT professionals earn a bit more than the digital marketers…

  1. Switzerland – £87,000
  2. France – £67,000
  3. Germany – £59,000
  4. UK – £52,000

But there is hope for digital employees staying in the UK! While some neighbouring countries are earning a lot more, this can also be partly due to how harder it is to get a digital job in those countries. As we’re all going through a digital revolution, we pride ourselves in the UK that we’re at the forefront of the digital era and that there are thousands of allies and avenues to go down with digital in the UK, that isn’t possible in other countries.

digital network

Whether you’re picturing yourself on your days off eating Swiss chocolate in the Alps, basking in the French Riviera, boozing it up in Berlin or staying home sweet home in the UK, this blog demonstrates that there’s plenty of choice for you digital professionals. Whether it is home or away you decide, the UK looks like it will still remain the top place for digital jobs even if its lower pay.

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