Most Desirable Job Skills For 2016

It’s common knowledge that the 21st Century is being dominated by the digital era, so it’s no surprise to reveal that employers are constantly in need of candidates with digital skills. From UX to SEO there’s room for everyone to develop their ‘specialist skills’ and to stand out from the crowd when you’re next applying for a job. Lucky for us LinkedIn have helped us out and released their list of ‘The Hottest Skills That Got People Hired In 2015.’

Yay for us… 20 out of the top 25 are all digital based skills! Some of the skills listed could be considered to be in the niche markets, but hey this gives you an idea on what employers are looking for. So whether you want to enhance your digital skills or you’re looking for ways to get into digital, these are all great skills that could bag you you’re next job.

  1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

  2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

  3. Marketing Campaign Management
  4. SEO/SEM Marketing
  5. Middleware and Integration Software
  6. Mobile Development
  7. Storage Systems Management
  8. Web Architecture and Development Frameworks
  9. User Interface Design
  10. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
  11. Algorithm Design
  12. Perl/Python/Ruby
  13. Shall Scripting Languages
  14. Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
  15. Virtualization
  16. Business Intelligence
  17. Java Development
  18. Database Management and Software
  19. Software Modelling and Process Design
  20. Software QA and User Testing

What to look out for in 2016

With a little help from our friends over at LinkedIn, it’s not gone unnoticed what roles are becoming more popular for 2016 and which ones aren’t. Coming in at number 2, data is here to stay on this years ‘hottest skills categories.’ Ranking in the top 4 of all the countries LinkedIn studied, you can easily see the constant demand for data skills. Whether you’re an analyst or a data scientist you won’t need to worry about the lack of roles in this sector.

Taking the top spot of the poll, Cloud has quickly become the number one skillset to watch the last few years. With a surge of employers requiring skills like Hive, Hadoop and HBase, Cloud and Distributed Computing failed to even make LinkedIn’s 2015 list. This goes to show that a skill that was once stuck in the niche market has slowly but shortly become part of the more popular demand for digital skills.

Lastly, the digital jobs that failed to make 2016’s top 25… Despite reaching number 16 in 2015, digital and online marketing dropped to 32nd this year and computer graphics and animation slumped from 17th to 37th! This could be for a number of reasons, but as there has been a noticeable decline in the activity of recruiters and hiring managers it’s not that employers don’t want digital and online marketers, it’s just that this year there are more important skills.

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  1. The post highlights some skills that rank highly on many job descriptions now. It’s important though to give solid examples of their use. Tech CVs can sometimes baffle with jargon, hopefully a prospective boss would be someone who understands these skills, but their boss (and decision-maker at the final interview) may not, especially if they have a broader remit. Definitely great skills to list, especially to get past first stage screening stages.

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