Awesome digital jobs in the public sector…..really?

Whenever you think of digital roles, automatically you start to reel off digital agencies, web development companies and media hubs. But you always forget that digital isn’t just a sector but a skill. You could be at a fashion brand and still need a handy man to call on at any moment, ensuring that the running of the building is going smoothly. So what makes digital any different? As digital jobs are constantly soaring we’ve been lucky that there’s a constant need for digital professionals and thankfully it’s getting greater than ever.

Like the handymen of the big fashion brands, you are also in huge demand in potentially every sector there is to offer. From the military, charities to the government itself there are vacancies available for everyone in the digital era (aren’t you glad you picked the right career!). Take the public sector for example. Not an area you would expect to have so many digital roles but surprisingly they do! We’ve had many on Bubble from The Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the Department for Transport and the Gambling Commission, who would have thought your next digital communications job could be in the public sector?

Forget your Apple’s or Microsoft’s why not aim for something a bit more left field. Believe it or not the MI5 have a constant need for digital software engineers and the government itself are always looking for content designers and user researchers. So that leaves us with where and how do you find these roles? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 Google. You only have to have a little search around and before you know it you’ve got roles for Digital Communications Specialist at the NHS Foundation Trust. But like we previously said, here at Bubble we have always got some kind of public sector role lying around from previous roles at the House of Commons, Healthwatch and even the General Medical Council.

So why should you work for the public sector and not a typical agency? Firstly, like any company there are pros and cons to every workplace. Typically in media agencies there are a lot more roles, but you will have to fight your way up to the top, as the more colleagues the more competition. Jobs within places like the public sector give you the chance to explore different roles and really be valued for what you do. If you’re very creative and thrive off new projects, agencies are usually best for the short term but it you really have that long term vision for a brand then public sector opportunities might be a better fit.

Basically, don’t just aim to apply for jobs at your typical media hubs, agencies and web development companies, have a look around and you’d be surprised what’s available at your local council. Digital is not a sector but an essential skill that in this day and age is critically for any company across the globe. Even your local police station needs someone in charge of updating their Twitter feeds and that someone could be you! So go on and check out some of the latest public sector digital vacancies on Bubble today here

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