Want To Bag A Digital Job? 5 Key Skills To Add To Your CV

By Amy @BubbleJobs

Here at Bubble we’re always going on about how to create killer cover letters, how to lay out an eye-catching CV and how to charm your way to success during an interview but there’s one crucial element of your job search that we haven’t really touched on in that much detail – I’m talking about your key skills.

OK, so Steve discussed the topic a few months ago with his great ice cream sundae blog – and he’s right, you do have loads of great transferable skills that can help you bag a new job – but I’m sorry to say that, in some instances, the key skills you possess just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to bagging a job in a super-competitive industry like the digital sector.

Now, just to point out, I’m not saying that your existing key skills, knowledge and experience are rubbish and you’ll never get a new job (we’ve seen a lot of your CVs and they’re great the way they are) – I’m just saying that sometimes it can be worth adding a few more strings to your bow to maximise your chances of catching a potential employer’s eye, particularly if you’re not having all that much luck with your current job search!

Interested? Here are a few things you could consider adding to your CV before you send out your next batch of job applications if you want to win some extra brownie points with recruiters or potential employers.

1. Fluency in another language: Whether it’s French, German, Spanish or even Mandarin, you’d be surprised at how many job adverts, in the digital sector in particular, call for a candidate to be fluent in another language. The reason? Lots of digital companies have bases not just in Europe but all over the world so need their employees to be able to communicate with off-site teams with minimal fuss and hassle. Sorry to say it but it might be time to dig out those old French or German grammar books that plagued your high school days…!


2. Coding experience: But I don’t want a web developer job I hear you yell – sorry, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to have some kind of coding experience! Yep, from email marketing and UX design to online content and CRM, there are loads of roles in the digital sector that require some prior knowledge and experience of things like HTML and CSS. Don’t know where to start? There are loads of great free online resources out there like W3 Schools that can help!

3. Knowledge of online marketing concepts: Think you only need to know about things like PPC and SEO if you’re going into an online marketing career? Sorry, but that’s not always the case. You see, online marketing concepts can affect all areas of the digital industry so whether you’re interested in a UX or usability career or a web development job, chances are, having existing online marketing knowledge and experience will definitely help!

4. A good understanding of User Experience concepts: Now, I can see why you’d think knowledge of things like UX and usability might only be called for when applying for a vacancy in the respective niches but UX knowledge is also required for a range of other roles within the digital industry like web and front-end development and email marketing. In fact, even online content, insights and mobile apps development call for UX experience so it’s definitely about time you got clued up on the main concepts of user experience and customer journeys.

5, Web Analytics experience: OK, so we know we’ve got a whole category dedicated to web analytics jobs here at Bubble but that doesn’t mean they’re the only vacancies that require web analytics knowledge. From obvious things like SEO and insights to more generic categories like eCommerce and social media, web analytics play a role in shed-loads of jobs in the digital industry so the sooner you can get your head around common platforms like Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst the better!

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  1. Given the scope of SEO these days, even a basic understanding of Analytics and SEO tools in general can be a big plus.
    Enjoyed the read!

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