Is A Job-Hopping CV Really A Bad Thing?

By Amy @BubbleJobs

Ten years ago, if you showed any recruiter the CV of a candidate who had had five or six different jobs over the last two years, they’d immediately discount it, claiming the candidate in question was a work-shy individual who lacked commitment and drive. At a time when there were jobs galore and redundancies were an exception, you can see why they might have had this view but these days the story is very different.

Thanks to the current economy, hopping from job to job is no longer a question of choice, but rather one of necessity for many employees. The recession means job hopping is now more common than ever as candidates are forced to switch jobs on a regular basis just to stay in employment and keep a roof over their heads. There’s no doubt about it; for some, job hopping is now a way of life and is as essential as brushing your teeth or going to sleep.

So if job-hopping is pretty common does this mean a job-hopping CV is still a bad thing to have in 2013? Maybe not! Of course, a lot depends on the individual feelings of the recruiter or employer involved but in general a job-hopping CV won’t necessarily take you out of the running for a new job these days.

Let me explain – while the action/outcome (job-hopping) hasn’t necessarily changed, the environment has – and this is the important bit. Pre-recession, job-hopping CVs portrayed an image of a candidate who was happy to jump from one job to another in a short space of time. Like I mentioned earlier, the view was that the candidate in question was work-shy and afraid of commitment. Why? Because there were plenty of jobs available.


career guidanceIn 2013, a job-hopping CV portrays a candidate who, for whatever reason, has struggled to find permanent work or secure a full-time contract over the last couple of years. Like I said, the outcome hasn’t changed (they still have a CV which shows they’ve switched jobs a lot) but the view is different – and actually much more positive.

While job-hopping CVs were once seen in a negative light, they now portray an image of a candidate who has taken on contract work and flexible roles to stay in employment. OK, so a job-hopping CV is never going to be as positively received as a CV from a candidate who has had two or three steady full-time roles, but the outlook is changing and while a job-hopping CV would once have cut your application short, it could now actually help to take you further.

Think about it; why wouldn’t an employer want to hire someone who has managed to keep themselves in employment one way of another through a double (or is it triple?) dip recession? Similarly, if you’ve got a steady list of employers who have taken you on the past, surely that’s a testament to your attitude, skills and talent?

Just to conclude; I’m not trying to say a job-hopping CV is the best thing you can have but it certainly isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to getting a new job this year.

What do you think? Is a job-hopping CV still holding you back? Similarly, recruiters we want to hear from you – what are you thoughts on job-hopping CVs these days? Leave us a comment or send us a tweet – @BubbleJobs.

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