How To Follow Up An Interview

By Anna @BubbleJobs

It came to my attention this week as I was dishing out advice as best I could in my 140 character limit that one area we seemed to have neglected here at Bubble is what process job seekers should go through immediately after that scary interview!

So in today’s musings I thought I’d share with you my top steps to the follow up! What many people don’t realise is that some companies purposely wait 1-2 weeks to see which candidates get in touch and how many times! So if you’re savvy, you’ll keep reading as what I’m about to tell you carries substantial weight. Seriously this is 007 league, potent information….!

Before you leave that dreaded interview room make sure you know what happens next. Sympathetic employers will tell you this anyway but reconfirm with the interviewer “what happens next?” It will give you some peace of mind if you know you’ve got two weeks to wait before you get a response – you’ll still be overanalysing how the interview went initially (we all do) but at least you can chill out for a week or so…

Another worthy tip on your way out involves acquiring business cards from those that interviewed you. Firstly having these on hand will give you correctly spelled names and titles (which will come in handy for step 3 but don’t skip ahead just yet!) If you’ve got contact details, it gives you that valuable opportunity to connect with them on LinkedIn. Annnnd… what’s more… if you’re using this Business Facebook properly (you have no excuse not to be by the way, I already told you about good netiquette) sharing and commenting on articles and the like, then your status updates will keep you on the radar of your prospective employer/s since your name will keep cropping up on their newsfeeds!

When you get home (assuming you’ve not gone straight to your local to make you feel better after a gruelling day), you should send a short, polite email. State you enjoyed meeting with them (even though you didn’t) and thank them for their time. If you discussed a particular story or skillset perhaps reiterate the point and send over some evidence or if you feel you stumbled over a question, articulate what you meant in your follow-up e-mail.

When it comes to making a judgment on how long you should leave it before you make that nerve-wracking ‘did I get the job?’ call, I’m bringing in that age old ‘how long’s a piece of string’ cliché. On average, ‘Job Gurus’ advise a minimum of five days before phoning in but essentially it depends on how many candidates were short-listed as well as the job itself. The hiring process can be very lengthy especially if you’re in the first batch of interviewees for a hot shot, managerial role for example. When that scary employer accepts your call, perhaps word it in such a way as ‘I was wondering where you are in the process…’ and ask if they need any further information from you. Your call will show them that you are a keen and persevering contender and will also confirm your strong skills in communication!

And finally if you get the answer you didn’t want, don’t take it to heart. Thank the person for letting you know and ask for feedback that you can then work on to improve technique for future interviews. At the end of the day, just remain courteous. That interviewer may want to reconnect with you later down the line and perhaps offer an alternative – especially if you only lost out to another candidate based on lack of experience!

Besides….there’s plenty more jobs on Bubble 😉

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