Get Inspired… Five Under 30s Who Are Leading The Way In Digital

By Amy @BubbleJobs

From relationships to job applications, the phrase “age is only a number” gets bandied around a lot these days but most of the time it rings hollow – after all, age isn’t just a number at all, is it?! With age comes experience, knowledge, confidence and hindsight – the older you are, the more of the former you should have – that’s just common sense, right?

Now, unless you’ve got access to a good old DeLorean, you’re always going to have to work against age prejudices and discrimination when it comes to bagging a job… but don’t give up just yet! It is possible to not just carve out a successful career, but to actually become an industry leader while still in your teens and your twenties… and no, I’m not making this up to make you feel better! In some cases, age really is just a number…!

Prepare to be inspired by five industry professionals who are leading the way in the digital industry… and making hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process – ker-ching!

Josh Miller – Co-founder of Branch

At the grand old age of 25, Josh Miller is one of the co-founders of the up and coming social network Branch. Officially a Princeton drop-out (he left a year early to pursue Branch), Josh launched Branch last year with the help of some pretty famous co-founders (Twitter’s Biz Stone and Evan Williams to name but a few) and is apparently so impressive, a potential investor offered him $500,000 after meeting him for just 15 minutes! Follow him – @joshm

 Jamal Edwards – Founder of SBTV

Featuring in the Sunday Times Young RichList, 22 year old Jamal Edwards is thought to be worth around £6 million and boasts more than 144 million hits on his YouTube channel. One of the leaders of the YouTube generation, Jamal started out uploading videos of foxes (yes, really!) to YouTube before moving into covering the local underground scene – covering local gigs and interviewing local grime artists. The rest as they say is history… he’s now owns his own broadcasting company, is friends with Ed Sheeran and has even discussed business ventures with Richard Branson! Follow him – @jamaledwards


Jared Hecht – Co-founder of GroupMe

Imagine creating a tech start-up and successfully selling it to Skype for around $80 million in less than two years? That’s exactly what Jared Hecht did with his mobile text messaging application GroupMe. A former Tumblr employee, Jared first created GroupMe with Steve Martocci at a District Hackathon event and since selling the app in 2011 has continued to release products with most of the original GroupMe team. Follow him – @jaredhecht.

Charlie McDonnell – Professional vlogger and singer

At the age of 16, Charlie McDonnell started his own YouTube channel charlieissocoollike and began uploading video blogs while studying for his GCSEs… six years later, he now has more than 1.8 million subscribers and in 2011 he became the first YouTuber in the UK to reach one million subscribers. These days he now boasts more than 500,000 followers on Twitter and recently bought a house in south west London… outright. Follow him – @coollike.

Andres Barretto – Co-founder of OnSwipe

If you’re reading our blog on your mobile now, chances are you’re using Andres Barretto’s technology. Andres is co-founder of Onswipe, a platform that helps to make blogs and websites beautiful and easy to use on touch screen mobile devices. First released in 2010, OnSwipe now has over 10 million active users (Bubble included), works with any CMS and is free to use. Alongside OnSwipe, Andres has also launched several successful technolgy firms, including PulsoSocial and GrooveShark, and has even been dubbed “The Latin Mark Zuckerberg” – nice! Follow him – @andresbarreto.

Think you could be an inspiration to digital job seekers or know someone who might be? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment or send us a tweet – @BubbleJobs.

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