Digital Consultancy: The Perfect New Career?

By Amy @BubbleJobs

When it comes to digital jobs, it can be easy to get… well, a bit overwhelmed. There are so many funny job titles and random acronyms packed into every job spec that it can all sound a bit foreign to even the most digitally-savvy job seeker – luckily for you Bubble is here to help.

From time to time we place the spotlight on particular roles in the digital industry to ensure you’re clued up on the job titles from right across the sector. This week, as you might have guessed, it’s time to take a closer look at digital consultancy.

A bit of an enigma in the digital industry, digital consultancy falls under an umbrella of terms, including management consultancy and eCommerce consultancy, and plays a crucial role in the industry. Just like consultants in every other industry, digital management consultants provide objective advice and expertise to a range of clients in a bid to help them maximise their profits and improve business performance.

Normally concerned with the strategy and operations of an organisation, management consultants in the digital industry provide recommendations on everything from social media and CRM to channel mix strategy and customer operating models and everything in between. At the end of the day, with management consultancy it’s all about helping an eCommerce store to increase their bottom line profit and meet their revenue objectives.

When it comes to management consultancy in the eCommerce sector, the main focus is to keep clients up to date with the latest digital technology and to create bespoke solutions for each client – remember, in the digital sector there’s no “one size fits all solution”. Similarly, it’s all about working with in-house teams such as solution¬†architects to resolve issues such as data migration, social media monitoring and product information management and using your insights and knowledge to help advise the client on how to create the best customer journeys and user experience design.

When it comes to digital consultancy, the most successful employees are the ones that are dedicated to finding the ideal solution for their clients. Driven and extremely passionate, digital consultants are natural problem-solvers who enjoy investigating and finding solutions to complex issues and who enjoy working out what makes a business tick.

Like the sound of a digital consultancy career? You’ll need to be extremely flexible and versatile (no two clients are ever the same) and you’ll need to be comfortable leading and advising in-house teams on best practice. Needless to say you’ll also be a natural leader and have a good knowledge of all aspects of the eCommerce industry.

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