Considering your Next Digital Career Step…? Use the Festive Break to Your Advantage!

By Adam @BubbleJobs

So you’ve had the office party, (probably), you’re waiting for the Christmas pay check and you’re thinking about how to while away the last few days at work for another year. Maybe you could tidy up that email inbox, go through your business card collection or try and put that massive pile of loose papers in your in-tray into some semblance of order. Maybe you can even try to sort through all the rubbish that’s accumulated in that really thin stationary drawer in your pedestal, (you know the one?)

If you’re looking forward to the festive break happy in the knowledge that you’re going to return in the New Year to your nice clean organised desk, ready to take on whatever challenges 2013 may bring then good for you!… I mean it. But if, you’re sitting there, chalking off the days on your desktop calendar, wishing you were going to a different job come January, then may I suggest that you use the next couple of weeks off to your advantage.

Now you’re probably wondering what the &*%! I’m talking about. Surely no-one is thinking about recruiting now? Surely any employer worth their salt is also winding down for Christmas and putting mundane tasks like recruitment on the “back burner” until next year? Well in some cases that’s true. But with the activity we’ve been seeing here at Bubble Jobs in the last week, I can tell you that there are a whole heap of employers out there who are keen as mustard to get their digital jobs advertised out there.

How come? Well, you’ve got to remember that the wheels of business don’t stop turning just because Santa’s coming to town. Yep, we all know that this industry is one of the fastest moving, fastest growing out there and I can tell you that there are a LOT of companies out there who are looking forward to a bit of time off at the end of December but looking forward to getting back to business after the holidays even more. They’ve got exciting plans, they’re looking to beat what they achieved this year and they’re ready to go… and recruit!

So if you find yourself dreaming of that next step in your digital career then why not use some of that spare time you’ll have after stuffing yourself with turkey and mince pies to have a good old search for job opportunities? Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy Christmas… far from it… I know I’ll be doing my best to. But I am saying that if you really want to take your next career step then devoting a bit of your ‘you time’ to your career search could pay dividends.

There will be others in your shoes who will have decided that they’re going to put their job search ‘on hold’ for Christmas and then ‘pick it up’ in the New Year. That’s fine, but I bet they won’t. I bet they’ll return to their current job in January, suffering from the obligatory New Year hangover. Then they’ll most probably spend a few days catching up with everyone in the office over several cups of tea, by which time they’ll have been given a whole list of urgent to-do’s by their boss and before they know it they’ll be at the end of the month wondering where the heck that time just went.

Meanwhile those employers out there who were keen to advertise their roles before the holidays will have come back to 2013 ready to interview candidates and make employment offers. And guess who’s CVs might be sitting at the top of the pile? Chances are those from the candidates whose applications came in whilst they were away…. you know, those from those candidates who are obviously determined, keen, focused and who are serious about their career.

So there you are, just a few wise words of advice… by the way, I’m not wise.. I’ll leave that to Balthasar and co’; but I do know a thing or two about what employers think and how they operate.

Good luck with your job searching and make sure you have a great Christmas! 🙂

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