How To Approach Being Fired On Your CV

By Lauren @BubbleJobs

Being fired or laid off is a horrendous experience that can leave you thinking that there’s no way out. You feel deflated, angry, upset and, most of all, scared.

Saying that, even when you’ve brushed yourself off and got back into the job seeking game, it’s easy to hit another stumbling block – how to approach being fired on your CV. Do you mention it? Don’t you? How can you deflect from it?

The worst thing you can do is live in the past. You got fired, it happened, now it’s time to focus on your future. It’s better to look forward to the next step on your career ladder than dwell on the past.

So here’s some tips on how to approach being fired on your CV.

Do Be Honest

Even though the temptation to pretend that you’re still in work on your CV is high, the interviewer will have done background checks and if they discover you have lied on your CV, well, let’s just say you won’t be getting that job in a hurry.

Avoid putting ” – present” on your last job, instead be honest and say when you left that position, then deal with the conversation when it comes up in interview.

Don’t Mention Being Fired

You will be asked why you left your last job during the first interview, so there’s no need to go into detail about your horrible boss sacking you even though you were the best employee ever on your CV. Wait until you make a good impression in your interview before bringing it up. Don’t give the employer a reason to throw your CV in the bin.

If you don’t include a “Reason for Leaving” section for your most recent job, however, make sure that you’re consistent throughout your CV and omit that from all other positions you have held to avoid some raised eyebrows.

It’s also a good idea to bring it up before asked so you come across as forthright with the fact you’ve been fired, rather than seeming like you have something to hide.


Do Explain Being Laid Off In Cover Letter

If you were laid off rather than being fired, and the termination of your employment wasn’t your fault but more to do with financial issues, then don’t be afraid to approach this in your cover letter.

It’s perfectly acceptable to explain that, while you achieved a lot in your job and were a good employee, you were laid off due to financial reasons. It may even make the employer sympathetic towards you and they should be understanding about your situation.

Don’t Show Disappointment In Your CV

After being fired, you’ll be feeling pretty down on yourself like you didn’t contribute anything and weren’t good enough in your last job, but that probably couldn’t be further from the truth, so make sure that isn’t reflected on your CV.

Avoid describing your role has the “under-appreciated dogsbody who obviously wasn’t important enough to the company”. No-one likes a bitter employee!

If you’re struggling to think of achievements to put on your CV, speak to an ex-colleague that you trust and can identify your accomplishments. You might be surprised by what they tell you that you brought to the company and achievements that you had forgotten about.

Do Focus On Positives

Questions will probably be raised over you leaving your last job before securing another, so make sure you distract the employer by focusing on your achievements and qualifications moreso than usual to encourage them to focus on those things too. Make your CV so impressive that leaving your last job isn’t an issue and simply hiring you ASAP is!

So there we go, some helpful tips on how to make sure CV impressive even after you’ve been fired!

Do you agree with these tips or have any of your own to share? Or have you struggled finding a new job after being fired?

Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs! 🙂

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