10 Of The Coolest CVs You’ve Ever Seen

By Amy @BubbleJobs

Here at Bubble we’re always on the look-out for something a bit different. I mean, we’re a jobs board so CVs, job adverts and recruiters are part and parcel of our everyday life and we’re the first to admit, they’re not always the most exciting of things… in 9 out of 10 cases they all look the same and there’s nothing to distinguish one from the other.

Choc Bar CV

But this week we saw something that we can say is definitely different and innovative… and we have to admit, we’re impressed. No, we’re not talking about the guy who mocked up a fake Amazon page for his CV (we covered that last month!) – we’re actually talking about the guy who packaged his CV on the back of a chocolate bar wrapper. Yep, a mysterious candidate known as ‘Nicholas’ has apparently been sending out chocolate bars with the tag line “Credentials That Will Satisfy Any Organization’s Appetite” – nice eh?


Impressed by this CV attempt, I started to look around the internet for other amazing examples of CVs to prove that thinking outside the box and putting a bit of effort into your CV can really help you to get the acknowledgement you deserve, not only with a specific employer but on a worldwide scale! Prepare to be impressed!

milk carton cvSource: Deviant Art

1. Milk Carton: Probably one of the most original we’ve seen, this graphic artist designed a CV which resembled a missing person advert on the back of a milk carton. Boasting ingredients like Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, this designer made sure all his information fitted neatly and effectively onto his chosen product. Original, effective and different – this one’s going to take some beating…


3d cvSource: Odgers Design

2. 3D Design: As a graphic designer, Sarah Oder knew it was essential that her CV wasn’t boring, dull or flat – so she decided to go all out and create the 3D CV to the left. While something like this CV might work well for graphic design and creative positions, she admits government agencies were less than enthusiastic when they received her CV through the post.







flow chart cv

3. Flow Chart: Flow charts are a great tool for helping you to make a logical decision… like whether to employ someone – well, that’s what Craig Baute figured anyway. Don’t think a CV like this would work? Well, he got an interview with Apple off the back of it – OK, so he didn’t take it and now runs his own co-working community but it’s still proof trying something different really can work!








film reel cvSource: Brian Moose

4. Film Reel: If you’re applying for a job at Pixar, you can’t just submit any old CV can you? That’s what Brain Moose thought when he applied for a job with the film company – that’s why he created this amazing film reel-style CV. Really, one of the best we’ve ever seen…






cereal cvSource: Victor Rodriguez

5. Cereal Box: A bit like the milk and chocolate bar wrapper CVs, a cereal box is not the most obvious of platforms for your CV but you can’t deny Victor Rodriguez’s design works well!









google maps cvSource: Ed Hamilton

6. Google Maps: If you’ve worked all over the world, a Google Maps-themed CV a la Ed Hamilton can be a great option for showing employers you’re a versatile employee who has no issues about relocating.



film poster cvSource: Deviant Art

7. Film Poster: Think you’re more exciting than the latest blockbuster? Show it! Joe Kelso’s film poster-inspired CV definitely manages to pique an employer’s interest and definitely stands out from the crowd. In fact, it’s so successful Joe claims he’s managed to get an interview every time he’s sent it out.







google cvSource: Eric Gandhi

8. Google Themed: Let’s face it, a Google-themed CV was always going to get noticed by the search engine giants – in fact Eric Gandhi’s CV was even referred to the company by one of its own employees – #success!








facebook cvSource: Steve Pratt

9. Facebook Themed: Just like Eric’s Google-themed CV, Sabrina Saccoccio’s CV works so well because it mimics a familiar format everyone can relate to. With things like this, it’s definitely the details that count!








amazon cvSource: Phil Dubost

10. Amazon Themed: OK, so we know we’ve covered Philippe Dubost’s Amazon-inspired CV on this blog before but there was no way we couldn’t include it in this top 10. Quite simply – brilliant!

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  1. This looks good for companies related to more creative jobs (marketing, design, etc), but how will other companies (the likes of Deloitte, Indra, Accenture…) react to someone showing up with a CV like that?

    1. Andres, I definitely agree that these types of CVs will only be effective in particular industries… in terms of how the Deloittes and Accentures of the world might react if you sent them a CV like this; I can’t imagine they’d be too thrilled to be honest. I think at the end of the day, with these ‘alternative’ CVs, it all comes to down to the job, the employer and the employer’s brand values.

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